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overall7.0~ I had a great time in edm~

Iris / 17-12-20 15:52
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1. ڽ Ұּ.

 * ̸:Iris ̿
 * : writing6.5 speaking6.5   writing 7.0 speaking7.0
 * Ⱓ:2017.11.20-12.15
 * IELTSΰ: apply for the master degree in Canada

2. ֱٿ IELTS迡 ۼּ.
 * :2017.12.02
 * : Academic (    ), General (   )  <---üũּ.
 * : Listening(6.5    ), Speaking(7.5   ), Reading(  6.5 ), Writing(7   )

3. ġ Ұ ּ.
After one year's ielts study I finally got my ideal score(overall7)while studying in edm. when I saw the result in my last day in edm, I was so excited that I cried for a moment. Coz that means i can finally apply for my ideal universIty- the university of Toronto.

4. IELTS  ߴ, ι(Ͽ) Ӱ ּ.
 * Reading: I did the regular reading exercise everyday by using Cambrige 4-12, limiting 60 minutes for 3 passages. After every mock exam for reading, i tried to understand every sentence in the passages by linking the grammar. In my opinion, if you do lots of reading practice, you will find the regulations in every type of questions. Additionally, I think time-management is quite important in reading part.

 For me, passage 3 was most difficult, so i often spent more time on passage 3. And tried to use less time and make less mistakes in passage 1 and 2 to get a stable score.

 * Listening: Dictation is the most useful method of improve listening. I did the dictation for about 4 months and I gradually could hear every word in the listening. What's more, i listened to the BBC everyday, and i repeated by myself while listening to it. There are lots of academic words related to the ielts reading and writing, so that helped me a lot. Lastly, iIthink spelling is also an important part in listening, because if you hear the word but spell it in a wrong way, you will not get the score. So make sure that you can spell every basic listnening word correctly.

 * Writing: Task2: I attended Dante's class for one month from 6.5 writing class to 7.0 writing class, and I made apparent progress in writing with his help. Firstly, he told us that the most useful strategy to improve writing was memorizing the whole great articles. And i did as he told, to my surprise, I could write some complex and great sentences rather than making up some eccentric sentences by myself. Secondly, he often summarized some useful formats of sentences that can highlight our articles in class according to the different topics. Lastly, I think practice and editing helped me a lot. Especially, in his writing practice class in the afternoon, we often did the mock exam by limiting the time to write the task. And he edited every task i wrote not only in the class but also after the class. I got the useful feedback from him- especially I learned how to write logically and how to support my idea by using examples and comparisons.  Moreover, he gave us lots of positive advice for our lives and that encouraged me to study harder. Finally, in my 12-02 test , I met the topic he mentioned a lot in his class. So I think that is why I got such a high score in my writing.

Task1: Before studying IELTS in edm, task1 was the most difficult part for me. I did not know how to analyze the graphs and what to write. In Allen's class, he taught us the simple and useful way to analyze  every different type of chart, and he often led us to write in the class, which made me memorize the words and sentences he used more easily and stably. Gradually, I could analyze the graph by myself, and I knew what to write. Additionally, I had the 12-02 test after attending his class about map, and I did well in this part. Finally, I got the great score for the writing.

 * Speaking: I signed up for Jonathan's, Johnny's and Jackie's class, and I got great help from two johnny. My problem was I often used lots of academic words and sentences in speaking. And they often taught me how to change my academic words into common oral words by using some phrasal verbs. And in the class, every student had lots of chances to speak out not only with teacher but also with our partners. In Jackie's class, she gave me a lot of useful advice about how to structure my contents in part2 and how to manage speaking time. And I also encountered with the topic i practiced with her in my test, So I got the great score for the speaking.
Another thing is that, I often practiced withe my classmates during the lunch time. We often gave feedback to each other, and in this way, we made dramatic progress. 

5. edm̿ Ե鲲 ϰ ̾߱⸦ ּ.
As a Chinese student in Korea, I really had a great time in edm. I am really thankful for your hospitality and your teaching. To be honest, I didn't want to leave when I finish my class. Thank you so much~~
6. edm̿ п ּ.
edm has the best teachers and studying environment with its convenient facilities for students. In edm, I could not only study ielts but also learn how to have a positive mindset to live and achieve my goals. Also, I could make great friends who encouraged me to make improvements. 
7. IELTS յ ģ鿡 Ǵ ּ.
Just believe yourself and throw your energy into it! With the help of edm's teachers, you can finally get your ideal score soon!

edm̿ 17-12-21 12:30
Great !! I am so happy to hear your success. You made it ^^ and makes me so proud. 
Thank you for  your good attitude in my class and I pay tribute to your tireless effort.
I wish you good luck and health in Canada.

Your patience reminds me of one old Chinese saying, ߣ (yu gong yi shan)
,which means that anything can be achieved with persistence.

                                                                                                  - Dante
edm̿ 17-12-26 18:08
ϵ帳ϴ ̿^^  հ ϵ帳ϴ.  ~ -edm ̿ п-
Jackie 18-01-02 18:13
You did a really great job! It wouldn't be easy to study with other language.... Good luck for your future and hope you have a wonderful time in Canada:-)

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